Ageing With A Smile

Ageing With A Smile

DG Dental Staff understands that sometimes you cannot get out of the nursing home but that should not mean that you cannot access dental services. That is why we have a mobile Dental team as well as dental prosthetist that can come to your residents.

We are currently running Dental Treatments in Aged Care Facilities which consists of ‘in house dental treatment’ when residents are not able to attend our premises– we come to you. Our Dental Team will come to you for your initial consultation. Most of the dental treatment can be done on site but in some cases the resident may need to attend our premises.

If you have any more questions please contact us on 03 9791-1019 for more information on Ageing with a Smile Program.

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Please free to contact us for emergency case.

DG Dental provides after-hours emergency dental services to patients seeking immediate attention.

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